Great Lakes Metal Fabrication

Rapunzel’s hair may be the most famous way to enter a tower, but when you want something more practical and welcoming…. you’ll want stairs. And handrails to accompany them. And since you’ll be looking at them for the next few years…. you’ll want them to be beautiful. This realm is the specialty of Great Lakes Metal Fabrication.

IXP rebuilt their website, making it easier than ever to envision and plan projects, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Customers can simply browse the gallery of completed work, add desired images to a virtual cart, and then request a quote for their own project. It’s a simple and elegant way to connect the customer with the service and product. In the first six months since the new site’s launch, quote requests have quadrupled or more, despite economic uncertainty in the nation at large.

Additionally, IXP provides Great Lakes Metal Fabrication with digital marketing services, including Google ad campaigns. They have been able to maintain the same budget for advertisements, but thanks to the new site, the results (quote requests and orders) have increased dramatically.


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