HPC2 Janitorial Services

The tagline for HPC2 Janitorial Services reads thus: “Professional Cleaning… The Old-Fashioned Way.” Even their name reflects their priorities: HPC2 stands for Healthy, High-Performance Professional Cleaning Services, while the 2 signifies “Right the 1st time, or we will do it a 2nd time.” They aim to provide high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning services, staffed by workers from the client’s community. HPC2 values…
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Dearborn Free Press

The Dearborn Free Press, a local news service provided by IX Publishing, Inc., works toward re-energizing community and commerce in Dearborn, Michigan. It’s a free digital newspaper, powered by over 20 authors and editors, reaching over 90,000 people. Tired of political editorials? Not a problem. There’s a whole buffet of topics, neatly sorted, including art, business, community, history, and legal….
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