Case Studies

White Pine Technologies

White Pine Technologies is dedicated to providing a standardized way for engineers to manage their testing data efficiently. They offer integrated software solutions tailored to the unique needs of engineers, ensuring that data analysis need not be cumbersome or chaotic. At White Pine Technologies, they understand the frustration many engineers face when their data is…
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PhilanthroCounsel, a speciality law and consulting organization, provides legal services and professional assistance to organize, coordinate, and execute planned donations. This new website utilizes a one-page design, animation-on-scroll features, standard responsiveness for mobile and tablet, and a custom built contact form.
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Christian & Christian Co LLC

Everyone dreams about buying a house to call your own one day. Christian and Christian Co LLC helps make this dream a reality. They are located in Hawaii. They offer integrity in real estate investing, they are fast action oriented, and have excellent network partners. We helped create their website and checks that it is…
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Studio 313 Marketing

It’s important for businesses to connect with the customers. Each business has to figure out what makes them unique and how to utilize their uniqueness to make their business profitable. Studio 313 Marketing can help businesses become more profitable by helping them reach the right people. They have offices in both Michigan and in Florida,…
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Bsharah Public Relations

Bsharah Public Relations is a PR company in Royal Oak, MI. They are a highly effective and growing PR firm. Their goal is to formulate customized deliverables that go beyond your expectations. One feature of their website is that they mention recent projects that they have worked on. This page also includes a list of…
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The Dearborn Agency

For our client the Dearborn Agency, an insurance company near Detroit, we provided website design and development services. We started with the logo… the silhouette of a tree, thickened with age, rooted and growing strong, speaking to the company’s founding in 1924. Pictures and text play well together throughout the site, leading customers to fitting solutions…
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