Website hurting your sales?

  • 40 percent of customers leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load.
  • 80 percent of people are browsing on a smartphone each day.
  • 88 percent of online shoppers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
  • 38 percent of users stop engaging your website if the content or layout are ugly.
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If you have a successful product or service, let’s expand that success.

A fast and responsive website can give you the cutting edge to slice through the competition.

Frequently Asked Question

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We offer everything from hosting to website care plans, to custom sites and custom apps for your phones and tablets. We primarily work with WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) that is now used by over 40% of the internet. Our products are fast, secure, and long lasting, with excellent services to go with. We are happy to discuss how our services may best fit your needs.

We have a dedicated team with experience and training in the different components necessary to bring a website together successfully. Daniel Vos is the project manager for the team, and most likely you will interact with him directly.

Naturally, some seasons are busier than others. But we normally can start working on a new project within a week!

If we need to expedite your project, we can usually accommodate this. Depending on the complexity and the allotted timeline, the cost can vary considerably. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Nothing to fret about; we are happy to extend grace periods, as needed.

Great question! That depends.

Do you have a previous site with content we need to save and import into the new? Do you already have a logo or sermons? Do you already have a domain you have purchased, or will we need to handle that for you?

For more details about what we will need from you, it is best to schedule a meeting.

Honest input and reliable replies to emails are key. The only other major issue that can complicate a web development project is ‘scope creep.’ Scope creep is where a project starts to grow too quickly, and the original goals and intents are either side-lined or forgotten about altogether. Having clear and concise goals are fundamental to any project.

You can book the Project Manager, Daniel Vos, at https://danieldvos.youcanbook.me/

Custom projects require not only custom care and planning, but a custom quote. For example, some custom projects do not require a custom theme, but do require a custom functionality. Yet, that is so vague, it impossible to give a precise number. However, often times, custom projects are in the thousands of dollars range.

It’s Time To Expand.

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